SW Series 5'x6'4

SW Series 5'x6'4" Walk-Thru Frame with Drop Locks & Coupling Pins

SW Series 5'x5' Single Ladder Frame with Drop Locks & Coupling Pins


The SW 5'x 5' single ladder frames are ideal for construction, maintenance and general applications. They can be used with Base Plates, Casters (made for scaffolding), Casters with Screw Jacks and sockets or Screw Jacks with base plates. They are recommended where the maximum load capacity does not exceed 50 lbs. per square foot uniformly distributed over a 5' X 7' or 5' x 10' area. All 5-foot wide frames are measured center leg to center leg. Includes Coupling Pin & Spring Retainer.

Tube Specifications: Outside diameter: 1.69" - Inside diameter: 1-7/16" - Wall thickness: .095" - Finish: SW Grey. Made in U.S.A.

Product ID: SW-55S-OL